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is not just a horse without shoes. It needs an owner that thinks about it, that listens to the horse, and that is willing to look for solutions when problems arise and to search for the right environment for his horse. It is an holistic way, because many horses need the right environment and training to be able to perform barefoot.

Ground Selection

The ideal floor of the "living room" of the horse depends on the hoof situation. It should provide stimulation for an improvement of the hoof capsule, though not to be too abrasive or peppered with pointed rocks if the horse doesn't have a really thick sole yet. Be sure that your horse is comfortable in its living room!

Thin Rubber flooring on even ground is ideal for badly foundered horses during the first few months

Even Paving without stones and with a smooth surface for low abrasion is suitable for weak hooves, foundered hooves in recovery, but may overload the hoof wall on horses with separation if not taken back perfectly

Shallow sand (about 3-5 cm) on paving or solid ground is o.k. for horses with separation, as it distributes the load on wall and sole but doesn't allow descending of the toe

Deep Pea Gravel (10-30 mm) is ideal for even load distribution on the sole

Cobblestone Pavement twists the hoof and provides stimulation for the lateral cartilage

Loose cobblestones (about 50-80 mm) round and toughen the hoof wall from outside

Working a horse on Wet, Packing Sand (or Snow) is ideal for building sole thickness, as it will distribute the pressure under the sole. So the sole is stimulated by pressure. Movement is essential.



Solving a problem in the nutrition is often the key to better horn quality, coffin bone connection and getting concavity. This might be:
- too much sugar for insulin resistant horses (e.g. grass or hay rich in sugar)
- lack of trace elements (e.g. zinc, copper)
- mineral imbalances (e.g. low Ca:P, very high Ca:P, lack of Magnesium)
- poisonous plants (e.g. white clover, buttercup)

If the horse is not comfortable without shoes within a few months, please check our site futteranalyse.com for details.


If the horse is not comfortable on the ground it walks (-> Pain), please boot him. There are suitable boots on the market!






wet sand stimulates sole growth



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