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We consider the following links very helpful. However, that does not mean
that we share the same opinion with all contents. As we cannot influence
the contents, we are not responsible for them.

Natural Hoof Care

www.thehorseshoof.com Yvonne Welz barefoot magazine
www.equinepodiatry.net KC LaPierre High Performance barefoot trimming
www.aanhcp.org Jaime Jacksons Wild Horse barefoot trimming
www.hoofrehab.com Pete Ramey barefoot trimming

www.equethy.com Australian barehoof site
www.nohoof-nohorse.com Cheryl Sutor barefoot trimming
www.ironfreehoof.com Paige Poss barefoot trimming
www.barefoothorse.com Marjorie Smith barefoot trimming
www.barefoottrim.com Penzance barefoot trimming
www.strasserhoofcareaustralia.com Australian Strasser site
www.naturalhoof.co.nz New Zealand Strasser Site
www.theaebm.org Australian barefoot movement
www.strasserhoofcare.com American Strasser barefoot site
www.hooftalk.com Bergy Bergeleen hoof care

www.pro-barhuf.de hervorragende Seite von Tina Gottwald
www.arianereaves.de/barhuf.html deutsche Übersetzungen von ironfreehoof.com und barefoothorse.com

www.barefoothorseitalia.it Associazione Barefoot Italia di non ferratura
www.proequo.it Organizziazione per la Protezione dei Cavalli
www.sabioni.it Dott. Stefano Sabioni
www.alexbrollo.com Alex has translated many english barefoot sites into Italian

other countries:
www.horseman.gr Natural Horse Resource in Greece
www.cabcalor.be Natural Trimming in Belgium

Natural Horsekeeping

Active Stable - feeding systems for herd management and movement
www.pferdepension-nackenberg.de Operating Active Stable of Daniela Scherzer / Germany
www.gut-osterloh.com Operating Active Stable for Performance Horses, many illustrated examples

www.proequo.it Organizziazione per la Protezione dei Cavalli

www.sabioni.it Dott. Stefano Sabioni

Horse Nutrition

www.futteranalyse.com alles über Heuanalysen, ausgewogene Mineralstoffergänzung sowie orthomolekulare Fütterungsansätze bei Stoffwechselproblemen und Hufrehe (demnächst online)
www.equine-essentials.at Stoffwechselaktivierendes Zusatzfuttermittel
www.equineessentials.at Stoffwechselaktivierendes Zusatzfuttermittel

www.safergrass.org Feeding recommendations for foundered horses

Bitless Riding

www.haute-ecole.ru NEVZOROV Haute Ecole
www.bitlessbridle.com Bitless Bridle of Dr. Robert Cook
www.bitlessbridleitalia.it Bitless Bridle in Italia / Alberto Barozzi
www.horseman.gr Natural Horse Resource in Greece






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